Residues and Contaminants

Agrochemicals and Veterinary Medicines are widely used in the world, in order to increase the productivity of cultures and provide animal welfare. However, all these products leave residues, which have to be monitored, in order to ensure there is no harm to the consumer. The amount of residues is monitored during the registration process of new products in regulatory agencies (ANVISA, MAPA, IBAMA), and also during the utilization process in crops and animals for human consumption.

Dosage is able to test for residues and contaminants originated from Agrochemicals and Veterinary Drugs in several matrices, such as vegetables, meat, milk and eggs. Studies are performed according to the principles of Good Laboratory Practices (GLP), both in the field phase and in the laboratory phase. Analytical techniques used are highly sensitive, such as Liquid Chromatography attached to Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS/MS), allowing to reach ppt units (parts per trillion).

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