Dosage runs studies for veterinary products under the GLP, including the field and the laboratory phase. Studies are designed and validated by Dosage along with the sponsor. The efficacy and residues laboratory phase is carried out by Dosage, in charge of chemical and biological analysis, as well as statistical analysis and delivery of data reports. In the field phase, studies are either carried out by Dosage or by third-party organizations in partner farms, under the approval of the Ethics Committee for Clinical Trials in Animals.

  • Evaluation of residues in bovine milk
  • Evaluation of residues in tissue (poultry, swine, bovine, ovine and caprine)
  • Bioavailability in milk
  • Bioavailability in mammary gland
  • Anti-inflammatory efficacy in bovine, swine and small ruminants
  • Efficacy study of bovine tick treatments (artificially or naturally infected)
  • Boticide efficacy study (natural infestation)
  • Efficacy study for mosquito control (natural infestation)
  • Anthelmintic efficacy in bovine, caprine, ovine, equine, swine and poultry (natural infection)
  • Innocuity study in bovine, ovine and caprine
  • in vitro efficacy studies for bovine and canine tick
  • in vitro and in vivo pulicide efficacy studies
  • Efficacy evaluation against Cochliomyia hominivorax larvae
  • Innocuity/safety study in bovine, swine, equine, dogs, cats and poultry
  • Pharmacokinetics evaluation study in bovine, swine, equine, poultry, dogs, cats and small ruminants.

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